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Kookie Classes

Watercolor Kookie Class
& Sparkling Brunch 

March 18

A hands-on, in-person cookie decorating class featuring how to create watercolor-like decorated Kookies!


Cajun Easter Kookie-Decorating Class [2]

April 1

Because on class just wasn't enough! 


Cajun Easter Kookie-Decorating Class [1]

March 31

There’s no place like home— especially such a UnIQUe home! Join Kookier, Kelsey for a hands-on cookie-decorating class featuring all the things that make Easter in Louisiana SO SPECIAL!


That '70s Show Kookie-Decorating Class

April 21

Join Kookie Deaux for an Earth Day celebration featuring a That ‘70s Show-themed Kookie Class. Learn to decorate Kookies or learn NEW techniques like royal icing “tie-dye.” Plus show off your ‘70s SHOW knowledge and win big with a built-in trivia game!

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