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Craft Kookie Pricing

a Starting Point

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The Kookie Deaux Difference:  


From preorder to pick-up, clients work directly and closely with a talented cookie artist to achieve the ideal cookie set according to their vision.

Nothing makes Kelsey (the Kookier) happier than making craft-cookie dreams, reality.

The Roux    ---   starting at $45

per dozen (12) Kookies


Roux refers to flour that is browned in a pan as the basic beginning of many great Louisiana dishes.  

In this case, Roux denotes our most basic custom Kookie set.

Disclaimer: So far, we haven't browned any flour before adding it to the Kookie batter; but there's always next batch.

The Roux includes up to:

  • 3 Kookie shapes 

  • 4 icing colors (including white)

  • 1 design with basic lettering:

    • i.e.-- single name, word, number, initials, etc.  

  • No intricate details or metallics.​

Joie de Vivre    ---   starting at $57

[zhwah de viv-ruh]
per dozen (12) Kookies



Joie de vivre translates to the “joy of living” but it’s more of a way of life roun’ these parts. 

The Joie de Vivre is our most popular set because of the design freedom it allows, without breaking the bank.


The Joie de Vivre may include any of the following: 

  • 4 Cookie Shapes

  • 6 icing colors (including white)

  • character/animal silhouettes only

  • minimal detail work

  • minimal florals

  • small amount of metallic-work, airbrushing, or hand-painting

  • 2 designs with basic lettering

Watercolor Brush 18_edited.png

The "Cher"   ---   starting at $68

per dozen (12) Kookies

"Cher" is a term of endearment that roughly translates to “my sweet.”

The Cher Kookie set will make any event (or regular ole’ Tuesday) extra sweet with all the options and attention to detail. 

​The Cher includes at least one of the following:

  • 6 cookie shapes

  • 8 icing colors (including white)

  • most [full] character or animal designs

  • fair amount of fine details, flowers, etc.

  • up to 1/4 of set fully hand-painted

  • metallics used in up to 1/2 of set 

  • (almost) all the lettering 

The Lagniappe  ---   starting at $75

per dozen (12) Kookies

It means "something extra” and that’s exactly what this Kookie set is.

The Lagniappe may include but is not limited to: 

  • No two Kookies just alike.

  • fully hand-painted set/s.

  • just really, really "extra" orders

Good to note:

In addition to the above, other charges may apply and will be indicated on the initial quote.


Common* add-ons:

- DELIVERY Fee: starting at $10

- "Miracle" Fee (aka rush order fee)**: starting at $10 p/dozen and is figured by the designer according to

various factors such as amount of notice, current workload, complexity of order, etc. 

- METALLIC up-charge: adding metallic/glitter/luster work to the Roux; or adding extra to any of the other tiers.


- Pretty packaging: for those who prefer a little something more when it comes to how the Kookies are presented.

The fee varies according to the type of packaging as agreed upon by client and artist and is charged per Kookie. 

*Common does not mean all-encompassing. These are merely the additional charges most often seen.

**Miracle Fee is enacted on ANY order placed >7 days from date needed .

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