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attend class / earn deaux / spend deaux

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    Become a Kookie Class Enthusiast

    • Sign up as a Kookie Class enthusiast to start earning and enjoying your deaux, NOW!

  2. 02

    Earn deaux for every class you attend!

    • Buy a ticket

      Get 10 Deaux

  3. 03

    Buy 6, get 1 FREE

    • I <3 Kookie Class

      60 Deaux = 100% off the lowest priced item in cart

Decorate Kookies, Earn Deaux

Terms & Conditions

I am so excited to finally  introduce our brand new Kookie Class Loyalty Program-- been talkin' 'bout it long enough, no? 

But of course, in order to make sure that we are all on the same page (mostly because I didn't have many options when building out the program via my website builder), I want to lay out the terms/conditions ahead of time.

1. You must sign up to earn points. I tried to circumvent the system on that but couldn’t; and really it makes sense because how else will we keep track of your points?

2. Earning deaux: Deaux is earned on an individual basis.

  • Often, tickets are purchased in twos and threes and that’s AWESOME! But, only YOUR ticket counts for deaux.

    • I strongly encourage whomever you’ve bought for to come sign up as a Kookie Class Enthusiast too, so that I may apply their deaux manually. *This means it’s even more important now to include, at least their name at checkout.*


3. 1 class = 10 deaux; 60 deaux= free class.

  • Once you’re all signed up and reach 60, the system SHOULD automatically apply a 100% discount to one of the tickets in your basket the next time you purchase a ticket. If it doesn’t, let me know. We’ll work it out

4. Pleases bear with me as I work out the kinks here and/or find a better way to track this. 

5. THANK YOU ALL for the support and love and for coming back, again and again. Y’all make what I do SO worth it; even when the “deaux” isn’t really cutting’ it. ;-) 

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