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What is a “cutout” cookie? 


It’s a cookie of any flavor that is formulated to hold its shape while baking. Some people will refer to it as a “sugar cookie” but in fact, a sugar cookie generally has no flavoring outside of a bit of vanilla, if that. 

Cutout Kookies are Kookie Deaux original recipes for delicious, so much more than “plain ole” cookies. 


In short, there are little, if any levening agents in a cutout cookie. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can merely remove the baking soda/powder from your favorite cookie recipes. There has to be a certain ratio of fat to flour and some other scientific-type sounding things and I’m not the one to try to explain! 

What I know best is that I’ve found a good ratio and I LOVE experimenting with flavors which is how the King Cake Kookie Deaux Recipe came to be. 



This is a digital download containing the recipe for King Cake Cutout Kookies



King Cake Cutout Kookie Deaux Recipe

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